A State Of MUSIC – Beta Launch, Exchange Listing, And Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music WeekHello and welcome! It’s been a busy time for the rapidly growing Musicoin (MC) community leading up to Canadian Music Week. For those of you who have recently begun to follow along, here are some recent highlights from the Musicoin Team as well as an overview of what we are working on for future release.

Successful Beta Launch

Following a smooth period of alpha-testing, Musicoin launched in Beta mode on February 10 with the genesis block of MUSIC being mined and a new mining community was born. The Musicoin founders were able to realize their vision of launching the MC cryptocurrency without the need for an ICO, and without pre-mine or pre-allocation. Following the launch, which saw the Musicoin platform offering a limited suite of basic features, a number of additional features have been added to enable tipping, commenting, and the first ever Musicoin Artist of the Week was named.

Musicoin Exchange Listings

On March 15, 2017, Musicoin (MUSIC) debuted on the Cryptopia exchange. Less than two weeks later MUSIC was listed on BITTREX to massive trading, and featured as the exchange’s biggest gainer on March 29. Following these listings, the Musicoin community has grown dramatically, however the ultimate objectives of the core team remain unchanged (i.e. optimal music sharing experience in a transparent environment with maximum revenue to artists).

Musicoin at Canadian Music Week

Musicoin Co-Founder Brian Byrne and Elio-David Di Iorio will be at Canadian Music Week in Toronto from April 18-22, 2017. If you are planning on attending, we encourage you to let them know and plan to introduce yourself. Brian (formerly of Canadian multi-platinum band I Mother Earth) will be participating in the panel discussion.

Musicoin Meet-Ups

In February Musicoin Meet-Ups were launched in Toronto https://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Musicoin-Meetup/ and Halifax https://www.meetup.com/Halifax-Musicoin-Meet-Up/ (Canada). If you are in the area, be sure to join, and plan to attend upcoming events.

Currently in Development for Musicoin

The Musicoin team is currently focused on expanding the functionality of the platform to include mobile apps as well as multiple improvements/enhancements to ensure an optimal user experience for both listener and artist. In the interest of facilitating a maximum of sharing, new features will be geared towards rewarding curators of music as well as creating funding mechanisms to support the continued growth and well-being of the community and the “Musiconomy” in general.

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