Between Giants – Featured Artist

Between GiantsBetween Giants is a trio of young gents from Brooklyn, NY, playing a smooth flavored indie-rock combo that’s super addictive. The group started out as a solo project for Tyler John but quickly evolved into a group. We had the guys on our weekly livestream show Indie Music LIVE! at the start of the Covid-19 freakout. There were some technical difficulties, but what is live(stream) tv without it?

Between Giants – Featured Artist

Every featured artist that I pick for the show “stands out” to me, but one of the cool things about this group is they are a three-piece…with a keyboard player! How does that work? No bass player? Well, the guys DO make it work and the keys truly add textures that other indie trios just don’t have with the tradition drums/bass/guitar setup. Their music is connecting with listeners as their social stats prove. They’ve also landed “massive sync deals with department stores and radio stations across the US and internationally, scored a Netflix feature on the Japanese show “Terrace House” and much much more.”

The guys have plans on releasing new music in 2020 and headlining a 21 city tour. I hope the guys explore their sound a little more and maybe try experimenting with the keyboard side of things. Their “indie-pop” sound is great, but I think if they want to separate themselves from that pack, some layering up the keyboards a bit more may help. 2 cents coming from a keyboard player! I DIGRESS!

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