Bill Abernathy – Cry Wolf – Review

Bill Abernathy is a guitarist and singer/songwriter based in Kansas City, MO. If you’re into rootsy folk-rock with a bit of a political edge then keep reading! He’s influenced by┬áDan Fogelberg, CSN, Kenny Loggins and other artists in those genres but isn’t afraid to step out of the box.

Bill Abernathy – Cry Wolf

Bill’s single “Cry Wolf” is the focus of this review. I must say, Bill is a great songwriter for sure. A great songwriter writes songs that you can relate to and are recognizable even though they may be new to the listener. In “Cry Wolf” this rings true. Great tune! I’m not saying it sounds like another song but it has a familiarity to it with a catchy flavor that sticks in your head.

So, let me dig in and get dirty. Bill is obviously a veteran musician and songwriter. In fact, he’s a #1 charting Folk artist. When I’m listening to the tune “Cry Wolf” tho my engineering ears can’t help but critique the overall sound quality. I’m not sure who is engineering his songs but the mix quality is a bit lacking in my ears. I’m not a big fan of washy cymbals that sound distorted, and this is one my main critiques. Don’t get me wrong, Bill Abernathy’s music stands on its own and sound quality doesn’t necessarily break him either. I just have to pretend that I’m listening to a recording made in the ’70s lol.

Bill’s guitar playing is sharp, catchy, and the real highlight here in my eyes. He’s definitely and obviously a talented musician, guitarist and songwriter. Aside from Fogelberg and the other references mentioned, I also hear a touch of Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) from his blues/folk releases like “Sultans Of Swing”. Like I said Bill’s music can also be politically edgy and “Cry Wolf” is no exception.

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