Blac Samurai – Pass That – Review

Blac SamuraiUpon first listen, Blac Samurai sounds like a mix of Schoolboy Q, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco and Wu Tang Clan (mainly Rza and O.D.B). The Lupe vibes are understandable though as much like the legendary emcee, Blac Samurai is also from the Windy City of Chicago. And following in the footsteps of such great Chicago Hip-Hop artists as Lupe and Common, Blac Samurai has a very unique sound that borders on socially conscience while being undeniably Hip-Hop. If I had to describe it in a word, I’d have to say “Underground”. As a Chi-Town native myself, it’s great seeing another artist from the city with such a love and passion for the art form.

Blac Samurai – Pass That

Of course before I could write this review, I had to sit with the song for a few days and really live with it for a while. In other words, I had to do some “herbal meditation” while vibing to “Pass That” and believe me when I tell you, it is a whole vibe. The song instantly brings to mind the days of Hip-Hop past, when rappers were more focused on lyricism and skill.

Blac’s unique flow and delivery pulls the listener in as he offers what he calls, “fine wine for the mind”. But in true emcee fashion he also offers advice to the listener with lines like, “speak your peace or hold it in/ don’t be Jedi mind-tricking/ don’t get caught slipping/”. One thing is made clear by this song, Blac Samurai has had an incredible journey full of highs and lows…but in reference to the lows, he wants the world to know that he’s “Pass That”. The hook is catchy enough to have you singing along to it by the second time you hear it. As I stated earlier, it’s a vibe. So, light a (cough) candle and poor yourself a glass of wine or whatever your drink of choice is and prepare to go on a journey with this dope rapper.

The overall sound of the record is actually pretty good, quality wise. I’d usually recommend getting a better microphone, but whatever mic Blac is using is only adding to the “underground” quality his music possesses. And if he’s the kind of Hip-Hop artist that I believe him to be from checking out his music and social media, I think he wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re into quality Hip-Hop from an artist that takes pride in his craft, be sure to checkout Blac Samurai’s “Pass That”.

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