Blaq Pyrates – Get It – Review

Blaq Pyrates“You know that I. I go so hard.” This is a line from “Get It” by Blaq Pyrates, and it’s a track that I need in my workout playlist. It’s definitely one of those tracks that makes me want to run laps, and I haven’t run laps since middle school! That’s how good this song is. But before I go out and break a sweat, let me introduce you to the Blaq Pyrates – a collective of talented MC’s from the ATL (that’s Atlanta, GA, to those who don’t keep up on abbreviations).

Blaq Pyrates – Get It

Founded by Ali “Obawale” Rahman (artist name Fetty Cash aka Zodoq Banks) in 2003. Originally, the group was known as the Trapville Pyrates. In 2007, the name was changed to the Blaq Pyrates because of the negative heavy use of the word “trapping” as well as the polarizing connotation of the word “Black.” The group contains a whole lot of talent including Ali as well as his two brothers Amin “Obayemi” Rahman (artist name DaRuddOne), Karim “Obatunji” Rothwell (artist name Primo Dollars The Blaq God aka Marty MacFly), and devoted cousin Hayward Hollingsworth (artist name Koolgi Kid). Did you catch all that? If you missed it, I can type it again. As cool as all their names are, it does get a little confusing. Although I have to say, I am already a fan of anyone named Marty MacFly. Genius.

Onslaught of multiple nomenclatures aside, this group is putting out quality music. So much so that they caught the attention of Crunk Atlanta Magazine landing a cover feature on the popular ATL magazine in January of 2018. Their latest single, “Get It” is the kind of hard-hitting, bumping track you would expect to come out of Atlanta. Banging bass with bouncing hats lay the foundation for this group of MC’s to do what they do best. Full of energetic flow and pass the mic technique that takes you back to the RUN DMC days, you can’t help but be onboard from the moment you hit play. The hook, simple and clean, says exactly what this type of track makes you want to do – go hard and get it! There is some really exceptional rhythmic delivery going on here. The flow changes up every four bars as each MC jumps in to outdo the last. All in all, it’s a great track that I could hear being featured in the next Fast and Furious movie.

With artwork reminiscent of Abbey Road, and production influences including Red Hot Chili Peppers, it’s safe to say these guys are not just your typical trap rappers. I really dig these guys. The Pyrates began as a movement to teach the youth of the community knowledge of self, and to empower those same youth to improve their economic situation. The world needs more rappers who are willing to use their talents to encourage others instead of just bragging about chains. And although all rap has a little room for some braggadociousness, the Blaq Pyrates seem to have their heads in the right place. They make awesome music that gets the crowd to move and they use their influence to change the world. Now that is what I call going hard.

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