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Blue HelixBlue Helix is a rock band that’s been working hard and doing everything right as far as we can tell. We’ve played Blue Helix on Indie Music LIVE! a few times in the past, but they really stuck out recently with their new video “Anti-Social Butterfly.” It is a killer song and a stellar video for an indie rock band.

Blue Helix

A testament to their great sound is that they’ve been receiving regular airplay on Brazilian FM radio, and they’re currently in Brazil on tour growing their fanbase and promoting their new single. From pictures that I’ve seen, it looks like it’s going quite well! The band was recently featured on Huffington Post and have won multiple video awards for their release of “Aliens”. The list goes on as they were the winners of the 2015 Puget Sound Battle of the Bands, as well as the winners of 2017 Brazilian national competition ‘Sua Banda Da Um Show’.

We recently interviewed bandleader and vocalist Sami Chohfi (above), and in his Deeper With Dave segment it went deep! Dave and Sami go into what it means to be a musician. Sami says, “If it wasn’t for music I’d be a serial killer.” There was laughter and it was funny, but I can totally relate to the sentiment! They talk about the song “Anti-Social Butterfly” and Sami talks about how each member in the band was bullied as kids and they thought it was important to make a statement. In fact, Sami said that everything in the video actually happened to himself when younger. What a powerful tune!

I’m wondering what you think about the band? Let us know by tweeting us @IndieMusicPlus. Let the band know what you think and get in touch with them on social media. Let them know you heard their music here first. As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music!

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