Blues Martin – Funky Blues

Blues MartinBlues fans? Anyone? Bueller? Joking aside, introducing Blues Martin. We haven’t had many bonafide blues artists highlighted on Indie Music Plus. I’ve refused to play blues gigs for years because they can really get boring sometimes, but I’ve always enjoyed blues artists and respected the craft. Blues Martin is one of those exceptions and does a great job with his new single “Funky Blues.”

Blues Martin – Funky Blues

In general, I am really digging on this tune. I’m not huge into long drawn out blues solos and gladly that’s not here. This is actually a craftily written song with major blues influences. Probably the most interesting part about this whole blues saga known as Blues Martin is that he’s actually from Denmark. We’ve reviewed artists from all over the world, but I think this is one of the few if not the only one from Denmark…and definitely the only BLUES artist from Denmark.

Apart from Blues Martin being “exotic” lol, his music is really high quality. The recording itself could definitely be better sonically, however. Some of the drums come off as programmed first off and the overall recording could use some more width/depth as far as mastering goes. Otherwise, I really love this recording! I highly encourage you to check out more of his music on Reverbnation. The chord structure is pretty basic mostly, but there is an occasional interlude that comes in which really works to add texture and variety to the song overall.

Of course, I save the best for last. Blues Martin’s guitar playing is quite good and added at just the right times to enhance the recording. The chord progression is pretty basic for blues but it’s catchy at the same time when you add his vocals on top. I think one thing that could make it even better is some sort of background vocals…maybe some females? As I said before, sonically this track could definitely be wider and bigger but it also works as is! Overall, this is a great recording and I look forward to hearing more from Blues Martin!

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