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BluzWhen I saw the submission for a “blues” band I was expecting to hear a raunchy 10-track album full of guitar solos, shuffle rhythms and lots of bitching. Luckily, that’s NOT what I found. Instead, I found a duo of American guys that found each other in Prague years ago and are now making modern blues influenced music. It’s so much more than blues but the band is uniquely called Bluz.


Daniel Levanti and Vaclav Polansky sound great together as you can watch in the videos below. The music is good quality and the songs are filled with emotion. I’m not so sure they are standing out from the crowd though. They’re amazing musicians and they certainly know how to play together, but I’m not hearing any standout tunes here…yet.

Now that I’m done giving some constructive criticism I do feel they have some amazing moments in the few tunes I have heard. There is no doubt some real depth to their music. Strong emotions are definitely involved, and if you like true blues you’ll love the song “Club Blue.” I’ve been a musician my entire life and blues is one of the genres I shy away from playing because of the repetition. Remember the raunchy blues I mentioned earlier? “Club Blue” is closer to that style with some nice variations to help it steer away from the typical blues patterns and progressions. I found myself enjoying the bluesiness of the song and happy when it changed to something else more jazzy during other sections.

The guys are great musicians and in the live videos, they sound as pro as they come. I hope I”m not sounding too harsh but I’m just looking for something to really grab not only my attention but the attention of the listeners they are trying to reach. I think the first and best step would be to keep writing and releasing music, not to mention hitting the road to start growing that fan base. I’m really not sure where they are in the progression of their career as a duo, so I’m not trying to judge but just putting forth my thoughts from the information I have available to me.

“Reign of Tears” is almost perfectly reproduced live minus the band and it sounds great. I think the production of the studio recording on this tune is my favorite out of what I’ve heard. Again, these guys really are excellent musicians. In the studio version of “Reign of Tears” the production carries it over into the realms of radio in my opinion. This song I could hear on an ac/pop station almost any day of the week. The sound is pro and their blues roots shine thru but don’t take over, rather the pop side of their writing prevails. No doubt this is my favorite Bluz tune.

Above you can check out another acoustic live version of “Blue Blue Ruin” performed by Daniel. If you want to check out all of the band’s music you can visit their official website It seems the website is one of the few places to find all of their music. I added these youtube videos because there weren’t many choices of embed codes to share. One of my favorite things about the tune “Blue Blue Ruin” are the keyboards and the atmosphere they provide. There is also a cool beat that reminds me at first of a Phil Collins song. The sax is a nice variation in sounds also, and in some of the bgv’s I get a mellow Queen flavor in my ears.

Overall, the Bluz duo is great together. I think if they focus on more of a modern acoustic rock sound, or at least some type of fusion, and not necessarily label themselves as “Blues” they may reach a bigger audience. I hope they can continue to define their sound and keep releasing new music, and I’m happy to see “Tunes Coming Soon” on their website. Their social profiles and online presence is next to none as well, so if you like their music please support them and get them out there! As always, KEEP SUPPORTING INDIE MUSIC!!

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