Brad Jones – Featured Artist

Brad JonesBrad Jones is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from good ol’ Chattanooga, TN. He just released an album in October 2019 called Where I’m Going and he’s been releasing singles ever since then. When I asked him what his “elevator pitch” is for his music, he basically said he’s just trying to tell his story like everyone else.

Brad Jones – Featured Artist

Okay, the average listener may want to compare Brad to Eminem, but you have to look deeper than that. Brad is really good at doing things his own way. His production is absolutely amazing and even though I’m not a rapper, I’ve been listening to hip-hop influenced music my entire life…and I have huge respect for Brad. He’s one of those rare artists that is an instant featured here at Indie Music Plus.

Brad plans to “feed the machine” by releasing new singles over the next 6-12 months, but he’s already started working on a new full length album to release in the near future also. He says singles are okay, but he is really into releasing albums because they tell cohesive stories and themes. Some of the topics he wants to cover more in depth are anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. He thinks that people aren’t talking about these issues as much as we should, and he wants to share his life experiences in hope of helping someone else who is going thru some of the same things. It’s a refreshing approach to some difficult ground, and you can hear more of the explanation in the interview below…

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