Brady Novotny – Featured Artist

Brady Novotny - Featured ArtistBrady Novotny is a guitarist based in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve reviewed his music before here and we like it so much we decided to have him as a featured artist. Actually, Brady was supposed to be on months before he was, but we ran into some difficulties and had to reschedule him. So, here we are!

Brady Novotny – Featured Artist

We’ve had some good guitar players on the show before, but Brady is in a class of his own…let’s say he’s a “world class” guitar player. With his new album Passions Collide, he coins his sound as a combination of “Rock & Flamenco” music. It’s mostly instrumental and anyone who is into instrumental rock god guitar music will need to give Brady a good once over. If we’re trying to compare his playing to anyone, we could name all the guitar greats and you know who they are. Brady’s music may not be as “commercially successful” but his technical prowess is on par with any of the greats.

One thing I think Brady is really great at is preserving the melodies in his playing. Many monster guitar players can overplay just to show off their chops, but Brady is great at holding back just enough to let the melodies sing like they should. Brady is a great example of following your passions and persevering thru conflict. In fact, his first guitar lesson was a complete failure, and his teacher told him to not even continue.

Between balancing his day job as a sex therapist, he also plays in a mega church as well and says that he’s also planning on putting on shows in a unit called The Guitar Freaks locally in Pittsburgh later this year. We’re excited to have had Brady on as a featured artist and hope that you take the time to check him out!

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