Brady Novotny – Passions Collide – Review

Brady NovotnyBrady Novotny is a quite amazing guitarist/songwriter based in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s been playing guitar since the age of 10 and has always had the desire to be a world class guitarist. Well, I think he’s pretty close if not there already! I’ve been listening to his single “Passions Collide” and here are my thoughts…

Brady Novotny – Passions Collide

First off, any music fan can see and hear Brady’s talent by just watching this video. “Passions Collide” starts out with sort of a generic riff and initially I’m thinking…ok, this could be good or bad. Fortunately, the tune takes a huge turn from the intro right away and Brady’s flamenco-style rock takes over. The mixing and matching between electric solos and the flamenco acoustic style is apparently one of Brady’s signature and I kinda like it! Of course, one could sit around and compare his style to some of the legends including Santana and/or some of the hair-metal gods that mixed Classical and Jazz elements into their solos.

I’m really impressed with Brady’s sound. “Passions Collide” has some great transitions and visits some different genres all in the same tune. The band supporting him sound like they’re well-seasoned musicians as well…although the overall timing seems to waver a bit. I think a click track is an absolute must for Brady’s technical style, and the perfect timing would greatly enhance the listening experience. Something to consider in their future recordings. Sonically it’s full and is mixed so that all the instruments are easily heard, and in the middle of the tune Brady’s wife comes out and does a little percussion solo.

Overall I think Brady has something really cool going. Musicians of this caliber can have a very successful and lifelong career. It seems like he’s doing what he needs to do to keep playing music. He can be heard around town playing for the top studios or playing at one of the mega-churches in their worship bands. I look forward to seeing what Brady’s career has in store!

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