Branding For Musicians: Why They Need It

Branding For MusiciansMusicians don’t have it as easy as they used to in some ways. They have more options to manage themselves, but branding for musicians is still a concept most don’t really get. Let’s face it, the market is saturated with “NEW ARTIST” this, “PLAY MY SONG” that…who really has time to check out every new band or singer that comes along these days? Well, unless you’re a hermit who never goes to the bathroom, you can’t. It’s impossible.

“Branding” is an overused term at this point, but for musicians the meaning of the word is more important than ever. Branding can be as simple as stating and being who you are. For example, my brand is “JoeJoeKeys”. It’s who I am, publicly. Now, as a brand am I ONLY a musician? Hell no. I’m a piano “teacher”, music “promoter”, music “business owner”, social media enthusiast, podcast host, etc…I’m more than just a musician, I’m my own BRAND.

Branding For Musicians

Many musicians use their brand to cross promote themselves and this is why it’s so important. Think about the football player. Unless that football player brands themselves outside of the game as something else other than just a football player then all people will ever want from that football player is football. Don’t be so pigeonholed that you can’t adjust your game.

You may be thinking well I don’t ever want to do anything other than music. I must ask you though, what if you have a writers block…or something goes wrong where you can’t do music anymore, what then? Will your “fans” follow you to your next path in life? Will your 1% follow you to your next restaurant job when your music career fails? Think about that while you’re watching the video below we recorded a while back.

This video features digital marketing expert Chris Windley. He was my first mentor when I started in all the internet marketing stuff years ago. For those interested in branding for musicians, I hope this offers some valuable insight. He’s recently been focusing on his project The Branding Initiative among a million other things relating to digital marketing. Listen up, and enjoy!

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