Brandon Bing – Featured Artist

Brandon BingBrandon Bing is a country musician from North Florida/Nashville, TN, who is making huge imprints on the music industry. We recently had him on Indie Music LIVE! and got to know him a little better. Watch the video below…

Brandon Bing – Featured Artist

I must say Brandon Bing is probably one of the coolest kats we’ve had on Indie Music LIVE! Seriously his music is great and everything, but as a person he’s so visionary and genuine. He says he wants to be known as a story teller. In his songwriting he uses a lot of witty wordplay, metaphors and satire. He says it’s really important to share his stories. Not only does he write Country music but he also writes songs in other genres.

Dave couldn’t make this episode so I had the pleasure of interviewing Brandon for his appearance on the show. There IS a first time for everything! Brandon is super easy to talk to and he’s a very interesting guy as you can see in the video. So I mentioned that he also writes other genres, but did you know he also owns his own solar company? He does! It’s called All-American Solar. But wait, there’s more! He also owns his own Whiskey brand. WHAAA?!?!?! Like I said, this guy is COOL!

He says being who he is and the fact that his mother is from Kentucky, the Whiskey thing just made sense. He said “what other musicians are going to have their own whiskey?” He thought, “I’ll be a badass and have my own whiskey.” He got a business partner, made a private label, and designed everything around the brand and it’s called Stockyard Whiskey. As I peeled the onion that is Brandon Bing it just kept going and going…this guy has tons of stuff going on. I highly recommend that you check out not only his music but everything else he has going on. I can’t wait to see what he does in the next 20 years. I’m watching!

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