Branjae – Featured Artist

BranjaeBranjae is a singer/songwriter from Tulsa, OK. Let me start this featured artist write-up by saying that Tulsa is a lucky town to have such an amazing artist call it home. In all of my touring days I never played a gig in Tulsa, but I drove through it many times. I never really got a feel for the music there. Well, thanks to Branjae, now I have to go see some shows there!

Branjae – Featured Artist

I am a huge fan of what Branjae is doing and I was super bummed that I couldn’t make it to this particular episode. This is the ONLY episode of Indie Music LIVE! I’ve ever missed!!! I didn’t get to tell Branjae how much I love her music, so there you go, I love your music, Branjae! I enjoy all genres of music but this particular niche is one of my favorites. Branjae says she is “genre-free” but I love how she mixes jazz, funk, soul and even some poetic hip-hop styles all together. Back in the late ’90s and early ’00s I listened to artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and the like and I think that’s why I love Branjae so much. Even tho Branjae says she doesn’t really put her music into a category, I will term it neo-soul.

Her single “Streetlight” is such a level above almost anything else in the “indie” scene these days. She says it’s birthed out of empowerment and she’s even hooked up with an anti-domestic violence organization called DVIS and they use it to help spread their message. Hit play on the video above and learn more about her. You’ll see, Branjae has the entire package. Great songs, amazing visuals and an even more important message.

Branjae says that she’s planning on doing some touring this year including SXSW and also working more with DVIS as well as playing locally in the Midwest region. As with every featured artist I highly encourage you to check out her music further and I can’t wait to see what happens with her in the future. Branjae, thank you for being on our show!

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