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Break Out The CrazyBreak Out The Crazy is a duo of gorgeous lovers that made us stop and go “WHOA”. They are a couple of musicians who met on the road supporting the HUGE latin superstar¬†Alejandro Sanz. They have toured all over the world supporting Alejandro and are now making music together as the name Break Out The Crazy. Their music is far and above what you’re used to in the “indie” scene so make sure you’re sitting down.

Break Out The Crazy – Hold On

Based in New York City now, Katya says her and Chris met on the road. Chris was already on a few tours and Katya had been on for one season backing up Alejandro. She says they became very close friends and didn’t initially¬†intend on making music together. But it happened so quickly and easily they thought…might as well keep going. Their song “Hold On” certainly grabbed a hold of my ears when I first heard their submission. Like I said before, Break Out stands out!

A vast array of influences can be heard in the duo’s music anywhere from latin and reggae to pop and rock. It’s all there and they all work together in unity. In our highly revered Deeper With Dave segment, they journey into the influences which include acts such as 311 and Sting. Chris says “We call ourselves Break Out The Crazy because we like all types of different music.”

Katya says, “They’re all over the map. When we started as a songwriting duo we sort of didn’t really see any genre that we fit into because it was everything from country to EDM, folk, and Disney. We are everything and a ham sandwich so we named it Break Out The Crazy.” She continues to say that there is going to be a more cohesive flow in the future and even some more influences. Watch the entire interview in the video above for the full story.

I must say that speaking with Chris and Katya made me love their music even more. They’re real. I encourage you to reach out to them and check out their music. As always thank you for reading and supporting indie music!

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