Breaking The Undertow – On A Tuesday – Review

Breaking The Undertow - On A TuesdayTrevor Heaslip from Breaking The Undertow – He’s been sending us music for a few years now and it just keeps getting better. You know that we don’t beat around the bush here at Indie Music Plus, and we’re willing to tell you the pros AND the cons of your music. We’ve been watching Trevor grow as a musician/artist and we think this is his best effort yet!

Breaking The Undertow – On A Tuesday

I could guess about what the song is about and go into a long demented ramble about my interpretation, but I think the blurb in the press release for this song sums it up nicely:

Lyrically, “On A Tuesday” deals with learning to live in a new reality. It’s about learning how to pass on a world of uncertainty to your child and the ways in which we overprotect or fail to protect our children from modern life. It’s a father’s conversation with his child as he tries to hide his terror behind a mask of certainty and calm but failing miserably at it. It’s inspired by the current global pandemic, fatherhood, and Heaslip’s personal relationship with both.

On this release, Trevor has outdone himself sonically. The production is super stellar and can compete with anything on mainstream radio. Now production is a great start but is it a good song too? YES. The answer is yes. As a vocalist, he has stepped out of his box on this song and it’s working. I’m not sure if he is outsourcing his mixing/mastering now, but whatever he is doing it’s working.

This guy’s music has been growing on me over the years. Trevor has been releasing singles frequently. I hope he decides to come out with an EP or a full length soon. Until then, I suppose I’ll be happy with singles though! If you haven’t had a chance to check out his music, look him up or start with the video above. Just as Ben Stiller says in Starsky and Hutch, “do it”.

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