Bren Haze – Step Out Of The Haze

Bren Haze

The UK has produced a few decent acts in the recent past. You know, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc…oh yea, and BREN HAZE!!! My ears perked up immediately after hitting play on the Soundcloud link I received to review. Let’s put it this way…there are many who are good at playing the guitar, then there are the few who are GREAT! One of the things that Bren is popular for is his exquisite solos and the fact that he plays 2 guitars on every song.

Bren Haze – Step Out Of The Haze

Let’s dig into it! The first track “Hypnotise” shows some professional restraint and starts off pretty mellow, but don’t let that discourage you if you love the guitar. He let’s it shine shortly into the record! Just wait! For those of you that can’t, the first solo starts around 2:00! “Song 2” is exactly that, song 2. I think the second track’s mix is fuller than the first and supports the vocal a bit better.

Bren’s guitar playing is captivating and his voice fits perfectly into the soundscapes he produces.  The title track  “Step Out Of The Haze” presents some intense personal subject matter. Probably one of the best things about Bren’s guitar playing is that he knows when to reel it in.  I mean to say that he doesn’t go on and on and on with his solos. They are lengthy sometimes but they always make musical sense and have direction.  Direction and movement are two of the most important factors in a solo!  Go Bren!!

Bren has an impressive resume. Following the success of his debut album, Bren has been BBC Artist of the Week twice, had BBC Introducing Track of the week and much national and BBC radio radio play/several interviews. Played 40+ gigs, reached the Semi-Finals of the Open Mic UK competition at the NEC Birmingham and supported Mick Ralphs of Mott the Hoople at the Jailhouse in Hereford in December 2014.

I am especially impressed with the song “Real.” The verses are simple but extremely pleasing to the ear especially when the bridge section changes things up just enough to keep the listener wanting more….then…it happens….the chorus kicks in and IT IS GOOD!

The folksy side of Bren shines brightly in “To The Moon And Back” for most of the tune and then towards the end an epic solo really revs things up! I would like to recommend caution when listening to “And You Know” as it has a guitar hook that will ring in your head for days. Ah what the heck, dive in and enjoy that “song in your head” for days to come!

The album “Step Out Of The Haze” has left this reviewer feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and willing to recommend it to anyone within shouting distance. HEY YOU!  Listen to Bren Haze from the UK! He’s RAD! Enjoy the video below and make sure to pick up this amazing album by Bren Haze!

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