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By StarlightBy Starlight is an Alt-Rock band from the UK. As they mentioned in the Featured Artist interview below, their name pays homage to the Smashing Pumpkins song from the album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The band has only been together for about a year but they are making some powerful music that deserves to be heard.

Band members Sara, Ivo & Martino are all from different countries but reside in the UK and make music together. As you can see in the video interview, they have a cool rehearsal space behind them. You can even find them online playing some live rehearsals right there. They sat down to talk with me on a Friday afternoon since our show aired at around 2:30am their time…

By Starlight

Sara says that By Starlight is a lifelong dream of hers that is finally coming to fruition. Well, it couldn’t happen at a better time. Not only are female bassists a hot commodity to begin with, Sara expands on the niche as the lead singer and main songwriter. Ivo (Drums) and Martino (Guitar) aren’t too shabby themselves. Watching this band live (on Youtube) seems like it’s exactly what you’re going to get in person.

The band cites influences ranging from Prodigy to Morrissey and as Sara puts it, “old Smashing Pumpkins.” If you’re into the spacey guitar/ethereal rock thing, then By Starlight will definitely be tasty for your musical palette. The only problem I see at this point is a touch more maturation as they have only released an EP. I am hoping that there is much more music to come! It always make my day when I have to interview an awesome band from overseas and this was no exception.

Both David and I are excited about this band and you should be too! Please, take a look at the interview and check out the sample tune. If you like it BUY IT and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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