Caroline McLavy – UK Electronica

Caroline McLavyCaroline McLavy is an Indie Electronica artist that is based in the UK. UK Electronica is probably one of my more favorable genres so I was excited to see her submission. Caroline’s glossy image on the cover of Electrostatic definitely fits the overall feel of the music. Electric baby!

Caroline is said to have come from the “dirty end” of rock ‘n roll. I’m not exactly sure what that means but boy does it sound gross – lol. She has been involved in the music scene while owning band rehearsal studios in Leicester for years. McLavy says “The 11 tracks (on Electrostatic) wander around relationship issues, social anxiety, dancing like your life depends on it, facing depression, general frustration with humanity…”

Caroline McLavy – Indie Electronica

As I stated earlier this genre of music is one I enjoy very much and Caroline McLavy is a new addition to my library that I am happy to listen to over and over. The production on Electrostatic is clean and definitely crafted by a seasoned creative professional. The music is in the Euro Electronica space, should I say Euro Trash? Either way, for the music Caroline’s image is spot on. The images you find online are perfectly branded so that when you see them you know it’s her. I love the album cover with the colors and the blue boots, the blue boots…I want some!

“Constant Pain” (shown below) starts off the album with a straight 4 on the floor beat that will get you bouncing from the get-go. The song keeps the same level of energy throughout and keeps me elevated while listening. This song would pop more for me personally if there was some more variety, maybe a breakdown or a bridge with some different chord changes. In fact, I find myself wanting more variety in the melodies in almost every song. I think I would love to hear her scream a little bit or even sing into her higher register sometimes.


If you take a look at the gig schedule on Caroline McLavy’s  Website you will notice that girl is a hard worker! A quick glance at her schedule showed her gigging a few times a month. I respect that! Shows are where musicians connect with their fans, and it looks like the performing is giving Caroline that edge that every indie musician is looking for.

“This Is Not My Life” is a standout track to me mainly due to the variety in the soundscape. Orchestrations liter throughout and the chorus changes up completely reminding me a bit of an underground band called Snow Pony that I used to listen to back in the nineties. Yeah this track really rocks, bring me more!

We played “I’ll Take My Chances” on a recent podcast and it went over very well. Our audience loved it and so did we. Another tight four on the floor beat once again drives the song. The bass lines are a little more droning in this one while the sweeping keyboards on top keep your musical mind tripping. Awesome effects all around, this tune is perfect for the gym, the car or working around the house.

Caroline McLavy has something cool going. I’m hoping she puts some new music out in the near future. It would be great to have another album from her to hear how she has matured over the past few years. It seems like she’s due for a new release and I hope it comes soon!

As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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