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Atomic Berries - Shit Hits The Van

Atomic Berries – Shit Hits The Van – Review

The Atomic Berries. It kind of sounds like something you might find after a hard wiping, right? Nope. It’s a band. The duo consists of vocalist and luminous front-woman Juniper and songwriter-producer Mike Midas. We’ve reviewed their music before here and here. I’ve always enjoyed the music of Atomic Berries and they’ve released a new […]

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The Soularsapiens - Futuro

The Soularsapiens – Futuro – Review

The Soularsapiens are a group from Arizona. They identify as a jazz fusion band with Ebon Guerrero (vocals, sax, keys, bass), Garrison Guerrero (synths, percussion), and Jeremy Duffy (drums). We’ve reviewed their music before here. They’ve released a new single “Futuro” and I think it’s their best yet. The Soularsapiens I think this group of […]

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Catherine Duc - Remember When

Catherine Duc feat. Jonas Isacsson – Remember When – Review

Catherine Duc is a Grammy-nominated composer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Australia. She recently released a single called “Remember When” featuring the iconic guitar playing of Jonas Isacsson. Jonas is a Swedish guitarist who has played the famous band Roxette for over 15 years. To top off this stellar cast of musicians is engineer Randy Merrill, […]

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Stefano Pesapane Changes

Stefano Pesapane – Changes – Review

Stefano Pesapane is an accomplished jazz drummer based in the Netherlands. We recently reviewed his music here. Stefano makes smooth jazz-styled music with a unique EDM flare. He’s recently released a new single entitled “Changes.” I’m going to give you my thoughts… Stefano Pesapane I think I was a little harsh on Stefano in my […]

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NO-BODY Project – Review

The NO-BODY Project has been around for about 5 years. According to the artist, “It started as a fully computerized music experimentation – voices included, and ended up as a true indie/art-rock production that winks to artists like Laurie Anderson or The Residents.” It’s definitely interesting and if you like the style, it’s great! This […]

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Heavy AmericA - Tails

Heavy AmericA – Tails – Review

Heavy AmericA is a band that has been making music since 2014. The project was formed after a recording session of another artist and 3 years later the band released their debut album “NOW”. The band has been releasing singles since then. In 2020 they release “If You Care” and then recently they’ve released “Tails”, […]

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Breaking The Undertow - Riffage

Breaking The Undertow – Riffage – Review

Trevor Heaslip is at it again. Never heard of him before? Check out our recent reviews of his music here, here, here, and here. Wow, Trevor has been busy the past couple of years as the artist known as Breaking The Undertow. His new single “Riffage” is the topic of this review. “Riffage” is another […]

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