Chapell – Featured Artist


If you are looking for some music that is going to pick up your mood instead of slam it against the wall, then you need to check out Chapell. Based out of NYC, this Connecticut born singer/songwriter has had a unique musical journey. His new release The Redhead’s Allegations is available everywhere, and with the right support could be a defining Indie release for 2016.

Chapell plays a few instruments but really enjoys writing songs with others, watching them grow and morph into their final form. Chapell’s songwriting stands well apart from other Indie music these days. The influences heard in his music are varied and wide reaching, but overall his style is pop. That’s the best way to describe it, pop in it’s purest form.

The career of this humble artist started at 15 with his first EP. In the featured artist interview below, Chapell reminisces of his past musical ventures including being in a regionally popular band call All The Voices and a stint in India with another band. After returning from India he realized almost immediately he needed to be in NYC.

Now, having lived in The Village of NYC for the past 20 years, he seems to have found his nest. He lived in a different area of the city for a while, but he says he just didn’t fit in. He’s comfortable in The Village and isn’t ruling out another musical journey in India.

In talking with Chapell it seems that he takes his time with making his music and making sure that the songs are right. He also works with some A-list musicians that are well known…not only in NYC but also in the music industry as a whole. He generously credits the musicians he works with who help make his music truly come alive. Humility at its best. That’s hard to find in musicians these days, especially ones as talented as this dude!


What I really like about Chapell’s music story is that whenever I asked him a question in the interview about a song, he instantly had a fond memory about it. When an artist has a story behind a song, it gives it so much more meaning. Chapell’s music not only has lyrical depth but musical as well! Catchy, poppy, feel good music…the new album should be a first resort for an afternoon musical pick me up!

Please, take the time to support Chapell and his new release The Redhead’s Allegations by clicking the iTunes link above to download his music. You can also watch the video below to learn more about the artist. As always, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING INDIE MUSIC!!


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