Chelzzz – Artist Review

Let’s be real for a minute. Michigan is killing it when it comes to hip-hop. And I’m not just saying that because that’s where I am from. Ever since Eminem came on the scene, we have been seeing more and more talent flow out of the mitten state with Chelzzz being one of the latest. Glove love is real. Michigan represent!

Chelzzz – Artist Review

Let’s go down the list of Michigan Hip Hop royalty – Eminem, ICP, J Dilla, MC Breed, Kid Rock (who used to actually be a rapper). Don’t forget Big Sean. And lately NF has been making a lot of noise. Just like my former favorite restaurant, I’m loving it! And it looks like Michigan is not slowing down any time soon.

Michigan’s latest hip-hop offering is Chelzzz, a female rapper representing D-Town and keeping the tradition alive and well. Her music paints a vivid musical landscape of what life would sound like if you lived in Detroit. We all know Detroit has been through the economic ringer over the past 20 plus years and the music coming out has reflected that. Chelzzz is no exception.

Her beats hits hard with lots of dark, atmospheric sounds over the top. It’s got all the classic trap elements that we know and love. Heavy bass. Bouncy hats. You can tell she spares no expense when it comes to her production. The beats hit hard and her vocals are clean and rhythmically solid. Her lyrics match the music perfectly, telling gangsta tales of life in Michigan. I grew up in a small town that was nicknamed The Alpine Village. Not very gangsta. But listening to Chelzzz spit her truth makes me think she grew up in a little different atmosphere.

She sounds a lot like Iggy Azalea, but I hate to make that reference because Iggy is a product. She is a made up persona. But if I was a betting man, I would bet that Chelzzz is a much different story. The depth of her lyrical prowess point to a life truly lived on the street and by the street. My point is I don’t think she is making this stuff up. I think she has lived the stuff she raps about.

On “Home Invasion” she certainly is kicking down the door. This bass heavy track lays the perfect foundation for Chelzzz to float over top talking about how people don’t want to see her succeed. And like any good rapper worth their salt, she proceeds to tell you exactly why she is going to succeed whether you like it or not. Not only is her musical production on point, but her videos look really great too. Her video for her single “Voodoo” is both dreamy and creepy, complete with a dude in a hockey mask. The video matches the song perfectly. Dark and tense, but still a lot of fun. Which makes sense because the video was shot at a theme park.

I really like that her songs are very hook heavy. Even though the dark production and frequent “f-bombs” don’t make it easy to get her songs on the radio, she makes up for that with a lot of clever, catchy hooks. Like on her single “Stormin’” she brings a really solid sing-songy hook. And no guest vocals on this track, Chelzzz sings the hook herself. This track for sure has radio written all over it. Simple, repetitive hook. Banging beat providing the backdrop for tales of Michigan life.

Chelzzz lists Nicki Minaj as one of her biggest influences. You can hear this influence clearly on her track “Snarles Barkley.” She brings all the best qualities of Nicki’s flow, while making it unique to her own voice. Using vocal inflections just like Nicki, she brings a lot of dynamic shifts to her flow. It almost sounds like she has different personalities coming out throughout her verses. Something Nicki and Chelzzz both do very well.

My favorite video of hers is probably “Shut Down The Bank.” On this video, she represents her signature look with her red afro puffs. This is where you can see that Chelzzz also does some modeling on the side. She definitely has a unique look, one that you can’t help but be entranced with. And she uses this to her advantage perfectly.

Chelzzz is a hip-hop pro. She has her branding down, she puts out consistently well-produced videos, and her music ties it all together. Her story is real and well delivered. She’s got real talent and she got real things to say. If she keeps doing what she is doing, she is sure to give the mitten state another victory in the hip-hop game! Glove love is alive and well.

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