Chelzzz – Featured Artist

Chelzzz - Featured ArtistChelzzz is a unique and talented artist hailing from Florida by way of Detroit. We did a review on her music last year and she stuck in my head so much that I asked her to be a featured artist. I know Chelzzz is in it for the long haul which is one of the many reasons I chose to feature her. She’s constantly coming out with new music and videos and keeps making strong moves all around.

Chelzzz – Featured Artist

Other than the fact that her music is tight, another thing that sets her apart is that she sees herself more as a brand than a “rapper”. As she states in her interview on Indie Music LIVE! 205, she wants to be something bigger than a music artist. She puts a lot of focus on her videos and the story lines. The passion truly runs deep with this gal.

As I mentioned Chelzzz is originally from Detroit, but she says that out of all the hip hop artists from Detroit she probably resonates with Eminem the most. She doesn’t necessarily emulate his occasional negative vibe regarding his “fuck that” attitude though, and wants to present more of a positive energy. All of her songs tell a story about something she has been through, for real, and Chelzzz emphasizes this point in the interview. Due to some recent setbacks in her life, including some jail time, she feels like she is making a comeback and wants to work to better herself and keep creating.

Because of her growth personally, she says her music is starting to become more sentimental and have more meaning in general. She loves to connect with her fans from all over the country and all over the world on Twitter and Instagram. She calls her followers “Fanms” so join the club! Look for more of Chelzzz on Indie Music Plus!

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