Chester Mo – Featured Artist

Chester MoI don’t know what it is but for some reason, Australia has some of the best music on the planet. Seriously, we receive submissions from down under on a regular basis and they are usually top notch from multiple different genres. Chester Mo is a prime example of someone who emailed a submission and he was instantly a featured artist (in my mind).

Chester Mo – Featured Artist

Chester has been playing around with pop-punk rock since he started playing guitar as a teenager. He’s recently launched his solo career. His new single “Into the Sun” is quite different than the usual stuff he writes. He wanted to write something different than he’s used to which includes water, the beach…you know the good stuff in life.

Chester Mo co-produced this track with a well-known producer in Australia. He’s currently in the process of putting together a band for some shows and is going to release some more singles in the near future. Currently, most of his live performance is based around his live looping performances which we discuss in the live interview below. We’re looking forward to watching Chester progress in the industry. “Into the Sun” is a super catchy tune and an exciting start!


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