Chris Garriott – Featured Artist

Chris Garriott - Featured ArtistChris Garriott is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the East coast. We’ve written about and played his music before but we don’t really get to know someone until they come for a nice chat on our weekly show! Chris came out with a new song “Jennie Wade’s Lament” and so I thought it was time to have him as a featured artist.

Chris Garriott – Featured Artist

Unlike most musicians that we feature and write about on the site, Chris isn’t doing music full-time. In fact, he’s a campus minister!! Hey, just because you’re not a full-time musician doesn’t mean that you can’t make great music! Something interesting about Chris and his music is that he loves to write about the Civil War and that’s the focus of his new single that we play on Indie Music LIVE! in the video below. He elaborates in the Deeper With Dave segment.

Chris’s music career came about due to an injury a few years ago which is when he decided to start writing songs. Chris is an exceptional guitarist and his unique interest in writing songs about the Civil War is something that really sets him apart. Chris’s love of the Gettysburg stories started when he was around 10 years old and has continued until now. I think it’s cool that it’s such an influence in his music. Quite unique! Hey, he’s not a bad singer and guitar player either!

I hope you take the time to get to know Chris Garriott and his music. He’s on Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play, all the usual avenues. He’s been toying around with the idea of writing an entire album based around the Civil War which would be interesting! One of my favourite qualities about Chris and his music is that it seems like he’s doing exactly what’s he’s interested in and there doesn’t seem to be much thought about outside influences. He’s simply doing what he’s passionate about and that’s refreshing!

We want to know what YOU think about the music of Chris Garriott! Get in touch on social media and let us know! Also, make sure to let Chris know that you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the globe!!

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