Chris Garriott – Granite Lore

Chris Garriott - Granite LoreChris Garriott is a singer-songwriter based in Maryland and he has a new project to share called Granite Lore. If you’re into folk guitar music then keep reading because I’m sure you’ll love this guy.

Chris Garriott – Granite Lore

Chris fills his time writing songs and enjoys being the campus minister at the University of Maryland. His music is deeply rooted in folk and bluegrass with heavy country overtones. Chris lists his influences as John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel and Dan Fogelberg to name a few. Since I’m somewhat familiar with some Christian folk from my childhood, I also can hear a resemblance to artists like Lost Dogs, Mike Knott and Randy Stonehill.

Chris’s new album was produced by Nick Rehm who is also a guitar player. This album is straight pickin’ boy. Not many drum sets to be heard on this album. Coming from a musical family, Chris’s musicianship is stellar. He has a voice that is easily recognizable and unforgettable. It’s nothing flashy but perfect for his genre.

One song that stands out is the fun first track “Fishpond.” It’s a great upbeat tune to start off an impressive record. “Hummingbird” is also an early treat. This tune is more country than most of the other songs and stands out a bit in the overall record due to the bass and percussion. The chorus makes the entire song to me. The way that his music and production is constructed makes it super easy to hear all the lyrics and follow along with the story without having to think too much. If you’re looking for something inspirational, that’s here as well. Having a bad day? Put in some Chris Garriott!

Now, if I had to get picky I could only really find a few things that are worth any criticism. The one that stands out the most, and it’s rare, is some of the panned guitars occasionally get off a bit. It’s not that bad and the average listener probably won’t realize it at all. However, I’ve recorded plenty of guitars and this is one of the few things that I noticed that caught my critical ear.

Other than that tho? I have nothing but praise for Chris Garriott and his new project Granite Lore. He is a serious talent and I can’t wait to hear more music from him in the future. He spares nothing when it comes to a professional and mature sound. Chris not only commands his guitar like a musical magician but his voice is as strong and clear as they come. His message has religious overtones, but even if the listener isn’t into that so much they can still appreciate the songs as well as the lyrics.

Other notable tunes are “Cornfield Road” and “Crabpots.” “Cornfield Road” which reminds me of growing up in Indiana on a road that might as well be named after the song lol. I particularly enjoy the guitar work and chord progressions on this tune. “Crabpots” is just plain fun. “Chicken necks and crabpots”… now those are some lyrics! I encourage you to get in touch with Chris on social media and let him know what YOU think of his music! Let him know you heard it here first on Indie Music Plus. Also, as always, thank you for reading and keep supporting indie music!

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