Chris Reardon – FOREVER-X – Review

Chris ReardonChris Reardon is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist residing in Hamburg, Germany. Born in the UK and raised in Hong Kong, this international man of music has released the single “Forever-X”. Full of emotion, power, and catchy melodies, the track sets quite a high bar for an emerging artist.

Chris Reardon – FOREVER-X

Ambient swirls echo through the intro, as a synth tone plays a mischievous descending line. Like a lightning strike from the Heavens, a single snare hit shatters the ambience and brings in the song. The music is electronic in nature but supported by an acoustic drum kit; the contrast allows for a humanizing element to mingle with the digital synth bass and pads. Reardon’s guitar, dripping with reverb and wet effects, creeps in to provide fills.

Reardon’s angelic falsetto floats in to the mix, seductively singing “You’re just like a rhythm / Forever on my mind” to the object of his affection and signaling the start of the chorus. He also shows off his versatility, switching seamlessly between falsetto and his regular singing voice. The production and harmonies really augment the sound in this section, creating a very full and 360-degree immersive listening experience. The whole song gives this feeling, but especially the chorus.

When the verse enters, most instruments fade out, while Reardon’s falsetto returns. The verse allows an abundance of space; as such, the song really breathes during this time. Likewise, this allows for an effective transition back into the chorus, as things become focused and punchy once the listener hears the familiar “You’re just like a rhythm…”

Where the song potentially falls short is in the lack of any other song section. The format is simply chorus/verse/chorus/verse/chorus, lacking a traditional bridge. While a bridge section is not always necessary, it could have provided a beneficial break…at least in my eyes. Elevating the emotion in the choruses more could also have helped this issue; while new textures do appear in each next chorus section, the textures added do not always elevate the emotion and dynamics. With that said, there is really no other critique I can find of the song; it’s essentially perfect in every other way. Catchy, well written, and well produced, this song is a fantastic offering by Reardon that leaves me, for one, excited to see what comes next!

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