Clash Contrast – Left-Right EP – Review

Clash ContrastChallenging the status quo with their ethereal blend of trip-hop, jazz, and EDM, Clash Contrast has built a catalogue of more than thirty-five original tracks since forming in 2007. A talented vocalist, lyricist, electronic music maker, and producer based in Winnipeg, Canada, Clash Contrast has collaborated with a variety of other artists and gained exposure through challenge competitions and international radio airplay. Clash Contrast delivers a multi-faceted layer cake of textural sound waves in its sophomore electronica EP, Left-Right, released recently on April 17.

Clash Contrast – Left-Right

The track “In Again” begins with a bouncy back and forth synth melody trailed by vocals that resemble a siren blaring back and forth. A deep house bass tick-tock sample kicks in as the intensity of the vocals increases — its lyrics filled with creepy introspection that will shake your psyche to its core with questions like, “When did you last fake sanity?” There are electronic textures in the background that sound like the oscillating sound of electricity on a hot telephone wire, shocking back and forth from left to right in the listener’s ear to create a hauntingly deep house music experience. The concepts are simultaneously morbid and cosmic, supernatural and galactic. A crisp hip-hop beat gives structure to the chaotic pyramid of warbled, telephonic vocals, delivered in a sort of hype-sing — halfway between a DJ shout out and robotic singing.

“Explode” is an observational memoir, another deep electronic trance song, but this time more upbeat and pop-structured, although still not your average 3 minute formula. The vocals are riddled with holographic and robotic effects, ornamented by the soft touch of Clash Contrast’s natural voice. Their melodies feature invigorating jumps full of emotional brightness, while the lyrics speak with suave brevity. Soft whispers pan back and forth in the background as their melancholy message is delivered in the sonic forefront. The song is capped off by a brassy drum groove that eventually fades out into a sparklingly tranquil void.

Clash Contrast plays with the panning from left to right, a frequent pattern in the music and perhaps an homage to the EP’s title. “Little Bones” is a prime example of this recurring theme, starting with a pulsing, forward driving synth beat and then a pixelated drum beat kicks in as the smoky mirage of her voice enters the scene. The music sets an exotic, sultry mood while the lyrics add an element of psychedelic expansion and vaporization to the mix. A bouncy trap beat keeps the energy moving through the song, glistened by a languidly shiny keyboard twinkle. This complicated sonic maze eventually finds its way to the finish line with an energetic and deep-cutting EDM drop.

Clash Contrast’s music is an ever-morphing blend of club, trap, electronica, and hip-hop. It’s a trippy listening experience that will flood your whole body with kaleidoscopically mystifying waves.

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