Clayton Morgan – The Beat is Calling Me – Review

Clayton Morgan

Dallas, TX-based singer/songwriter Clayton Morgan has released the follow-up single to his critically acclaimed debut “Taste For Love”. On his new track, “The Beat Is Calling Me”, Morgan has expanded his sound and injected more energy, offering a fitting successor to his first effort.

Clayton Morgan – The Beat is Calling Me

Born into a musical family, Morgan is well suited to carry on this torch. His father Eddie Daniels sang baritone in The Four Sonics, and this no doubt informs the R&B and soul elements found in Morgan’s music. While his first single showcased these elements well, his recent follow-up finds him exploring his dance and electronic sensibilities with refreshing results.

“The Beat Is Calling Me” begins with, well…the beat. A four-on-the-floor bass drum is soon joined by electronic cymbals and snare; eventually tied together with melodic square synth textures. Morgan’s impassioned vocals float over the top, starting with oohs and ahs, eventually incorporating lyrics that paint an image of a dance club, certainly the song’s intended arena. As he sings “Movin’ my body, like a slave to the rhythm / When I get that feeling, gotta get it out my system”, more sonic textures enter the landscape, elevating feeling and experience for the listener. All of the appropriate and necessary arranging elements are present. The listener can’t help but be hooked when the beat drops out, and then returns in a sixteenth-note crescendo that culminates in an instrumental drop, led by a modulating-synth melody.

After few cycles of building to the instrumental crescendo and returning to the verse the song climaxes energetically, combining all sonic elements heard thus far and finishing on the instrumental beat. While Morgan is a talented vocalist, the beat is far and away the star of this song, which is perhaps appropriate, given the title. Regretfully, the vocals end up almost bringing the song down a bit, as the track could have shined greater from a better vocal performance. With that said; however, there seems to be nothing else to critique. The beat and production are both excellent, and vastly outweigh any potential objection to the vocal performance.

All in all, “The Beat Is Calling Me” is a fantastic second effort for Morgan. It’s clear that he has a wide artistic range and is only just beginning to explore the extent of his potential. Previous fans will appreciate his growth, and his newer sound is sure to gain him more fans as well. Certainly any praise and attention this talented up-and-coming artist receives is well deserved, and we already can’t wait to hear more.

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