Client Testimonials

It’s a pretty cool experience every time we receive new client testimonials at Indie Music Plus. It tells us we are making a positive difference in the lives of the Indie Artists we promote. We greatly look forward to hearing yours…

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Indie Music Plus is EASILY one of the best organized, most cost effective ways for indie artists of ALL genres to get real feedback and get your music out there!”Gaz the Rapper

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Moment Of Clarity - Client Testimonials“JoeJoe and David, we just want to thank you for the opportunity to be on your show as a featured artist. The exposure, tweets, shares and newly acquired “likes” and “followers” is a testament to the great reach your show has. We appreciate everything you have done for us and look forward to working with you again in the near future.” – Moment of Clarity

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Jour Majesty“Wow, Indie Music Plus does a great job. It is actual promotion with results. Unbelievable amount of Twitter posts/shares/likes. Thank you. I will reorder again soon.” – Jour Majesty

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Client Testimonials Phillip Foxley“This was my first promotional campaign with Joe and the Indie Music Plus team and it won’t be my last! The promotion was friendly, knowledgeable, extremely well targeted and above all, professional. I was surprised by the great positive feedback I received in such a short time. The promotion also continued well beyond the campaign duration and was also spread across a much wider audience than expected. Thanks so much guys – I’ll be back!” – Phillip Foxley

Client Testimonials“You guys are the best! Always love working with you and looking forward to the next project we work on together, All the best!” – Doug Byrkit of Odds Lane

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Godcloud“Indie Music Plus has been awesome in helping me build my brand! I myself not being much of a “social media guy” was quickly brought up to speed with their informative and easy to understand web classes! Also Joe and Sara are great musicians and are awesome to work with!!  If you are making music and trying to find that next step employ IMP, trust me.” – Godcloud (Musician, Rapper, Producer)

Modern Sons with Ryan Saul - Client Testimonials“After joining forces with Indie Music Plus we saw an increase in REAL actual fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their services helped us quickly gain over 300 new followers that we engage with weekly.” – Ryan Saul of Modern Sons

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Me and My Shadow“JoeJoe and Indie Music Plus have been awesome. So many “companies” out there saying they will get you plays and follows, but they are one of the only we’ve found that engages us, creates a community and actually interacts with us. They are in it for the right reasons.” – Me And My Shadow

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John Viviani of Blue Falcon“Indie Music Plus has done a great job helping me develop my social media networking skills, and also working with me on my website and mailing list for my band, Blue Falcon. Highly recommended!” – John Viviani of Blue Falcon

Client Testimonial - Rick Mercer Music“Thank you so much guys. Indie Music PLUS rocks…big time! Joe and David are amazing hosts, very professional and informative. They’re really down to earth and treat their guests great. If you are a musician, check out the amazing artist and music promotion services they offer. I’m honored and grateful to have been a guest.” – Rick Mercer

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Kevin Gullickson Radio Drive 2015“I want to thank the team at Indie Music Plus for their fantastic service helping to promote my latest single. Their review was professionally done and resounding. Their service didn’t stop there. They continued with intense online promotion on Twitter and other social sites. I’m very pleased with their support and highly recommend Indie Music Plus.” – Kevin Gullickson of Radio Drive

Playing With Fire“Thank you! The review exceeded our expectations. I look forward to exploring what else we could do together. Cheers!” – Andrew of Playing With Fire

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Allen Cuffey“Hey JoeJoe, thanks for the awesome promo on “Make Up My Mind” I am just getting started promoting myself as an Indie artist so I will be using your services again very shortly. Thanks again for the awesome promo!!! Keep up the great work!!” – Allen Cuffey

Drewcifer Gomez of Death By Platypi - Client Testimonials“Everyone at Indie Music Plus (IMP) has been great to work with. I have to admit that I was not expecting a lot of “bang for my buck” when I bought their inexpensive promo package and review, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how hard the IMP team works to get you listens, followers, and likes. I highly recommend their services. IMP, keep up the great work!” – Drewcifer “GoGo” Gomez of Death By Platypi

“Dave and Joe are like the “Mike and Mike” of Indie Music. I actually like the guys.” – Carlos “Big Los” Sandifer