Colby Bright – “Victory Lap 2.0: The Resurrection”

Colby Bright

Colby Bright is a 29 year old unsigned hip hop artist out of Montgomery, Tx. Like many hip hop artists Colby is on the grind and has recently released a new mixtape entitled Victory Lap 2.0: The Resurrection now available on Soundcloud, Datpiff and Live Mixtapes to name a few.  Bright has quite the resume.

Over the past 10 years of his career he has received commercial radio play in different states, consistent online radio play and has been featured on Worldstar Hip Hop (WSHH), XXL,, CNN iReport, Vlad TV(Including “Next 2 Blow”) & MORE! I could keep going but I only have so much room for this review!

So, at first glance it looks like Colby Bright is working hard without any end in sight. That’s what happens when you have an unquenchable thirst for success.

One thing I can definitely say about Colby Bright’s music is that there is never a dull moment!! Hopefully you have hit play on the Soundcloud player above so you can listen to the music while reading my ramblings. I’m certain you are smart enough to develop your own opinion. Speaking of…leave those thoughts in the comments below!

The first song that jumped out to me on my first listen through was the bonus track “Say Ohhh” Ft Najasism. Scroll down to the bottom of the playlist to listen. To me this song sticks out from the others simply because of the pop appeal. The vocal hook is a winner to me and I’ll be singing it for weeks!!

“I Made It” is a well produced hip hop track with flow that won’t stop. Like I said, never a dull moment. There is one thing tho that I must mention from an engineering standpoint. So far in the record and even beyond the vocals are mixed well and are easily understood. However, I do have one problem with the vocal mix on some songs in general tho. There seems to be a very high amount of “s’s” meaning the vocals are mixed a bit on the high end for my taste. Every time a “s” is said my ears start to hurt. I admit my ears are extra sensitive to this but this is the sort of stuff that can make or break a mix.

Another notable track is “History.” It amazes me how minimalistic hip hop has become. Half of this song has no beat, just a vocal and keyscape…I like it. On the next track “Illest Alive” I swear there is a Bjork sample but I can’t place it and it’s driving me crazy!! Overall this is a chill track with a positive message about self confidence and drive.

“I’m That Man” goes straight clubbin’ and it’s not stopping anytime soon. This track jams and made my head start bobbing instantly. The kick patterns in the beat are bassy but not mixed obnoxiously loud like some other producers. These beats sound good in any stereo. I’m lovin’ this beat!!

“Ready For War” has a cool vibe that is created by the guitar in the background. I’ve also noticed that the vocal mix has evened out over the progression of the tape…that’s great! I think this track has the best vocal mix on the tape.

Overall “Victory Lap 2.0: The Resurrection” is a very strong release by Colby Bright that I highly recommend especially if you like underground hip hop with lots o’ flow. Share this review around to your friends and show support for indie music and indie hip hop.  Let’s get Colby Bright heard!!


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