Cold Jackets – Album Review

Cold JacketsBased in Austin, TX, Cold Jackets was formed by Adam Johnson and Mark Henne to “showcase some of their favorite influences and provide a platform for a new musical direction. Old and new, drum machines and blues.”  In the indie world the scene can get saturated with bands that may only make one album or have a few songs, but I’m here to tell you that Cold Jackets has something for everyone and is here to stay, I HOPE!

Cold Jackets – Bad As I DO

My first impressions? These two guys definitely have a vision and it’s obvious in the first downbeat of “Bad As I DO.” Ok, first off the classic rock influence is hard to miss here. Throughout the EP there is a consistent gritty, raw and classic sound that can be compared to Led Zeppelin and other ’70s bands that rock. Beatle-sque is another term I would use to describe their music…well when the Beatles were on drugs lol.

The band is on tour in the UK in Sept 2018, so if you’re a UK reader and have a chance to see them do it. It looks like the band is playing quite regularly. Take a look at their schedule on their website here. “Sweet Thang” highlights the guitars of Adam Johnson and I love the slide vibe. They also have a live video of them playing this tune here. Adam’s slide guitar sounds awesome and he let’s his blues roots shine thru and thru. This song lives up to the one liner on the band’s Facebook page which states the band is “drum machine driven blues riffs to drink to.”

“Foggy Notion” stays in the same classic rock lane as the previous tunes but steps up the groove a bit. Again, Adam’s guitar work is definitely the highlight of the music, but the band is also amazing in the way that they are supporting of the song and not playing whatever they “feel.” It seems that the band may have channeled some early The Rolling Stones for this one…not sure, just sayin’ lol. I really like this band! They are truly a breath of fresh air!

Then, out of nowhere comes “Standing In The Grits Line.” I think this one is my favourite tune. I don’t necessarily know why other than I think it’s probably the most catchy and original. I think the arrangement and groove are probably the most listener friendly. Cold Jackets is a band that needs some attention. If they keep churning out original music like this then I’m sure their fan base will continue to grow in Austin, nationally and ultimately worldwide (especially if they keep playin in UK). The band is releasing a new project in early August so that’s exciting too!

I’m curious to know what YOU think about Cold Jackets. Get in touch with me on social media and let me know. Also, make sure to let the band know that you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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