Craymo – December Rain (Carol of Love) – Video Review

Craymo - Video Review“December Rain (Carol Of Love) is a classic ballad about unrequited love that is dedicated to anyone who has ever loved someone that didn’t love them back. The song and video are released in loving memory of my Mom, whose maiden name was Carol Love, because she was always there for me through all my heartbreaks in life. I love you more Mom.”

These are the words of award-winning artist Craymo, a humble summation of his new single and its accompanying video. The song’s beauty and haunting tenderness are perfectly encapsulated in the simple yet elegant production, and the visual representation is a perfect complement to the emotional audio.

Craymo – December Rain (Carol of Love) – Video Review

The video opens on a black screen, with only Craymo’s piano playing to let the viewer know things have begun. The haunting chords instantly pull the viewer in, despite starting out with blankness. As a blurry piano appears the title also comes on screen, with a very blurry Craymo just barely visible in the background. Vocals enter when the artist comes into focus but partially hidden in shadow, with the room engulfed in darkness. The stark nature of the production gels accordingly with the music, the black setting perfectly matching the pain, the agony and grief of the lyrics.

As we start to hear other elements of audio production, we also gain more visually. Marching snares accompany lights overhead, the room illuminating along with the song. Craymo kicks into the chorus with “The snow is falling,” the rest of the ensemble joining him as elements of the stage become visible. We see curtains and a fully visible Craymo, delivering an impassioned performance as the emotion rises in the music. The camera remains largely focused on him as he sings the chorus, belting out his pain and anguish.

Returning to the verse, we see less of the room and stage for a moment. This is only temporary as the emotion does not completely evaporate, but instead begins to rebuild, with some scenery around Craymo remaining evident. This is perhaps the only drawback of the video style; we are not given a huge variety of visuals in this journey, we mainly see Craymo at the piano and small aspects of the room around him. While this is not overly detracting for the viewer, one would possibly wish for some change in stimuli, a momentary pull-away from the singular experience of the artist at the piano.

That being said, the personal experience that results from seeing Craymo alone at the piano and displaying his palpable heartache is still incredibly moving for the viewer. The chorus returns and the artist hits a fever pitch, the music finding a crescendo as Craymo sings of his tears flowing like “December Rain”, repeating the title phrase softly as his expression becomes wistful and somber. Altogether the “Decemeber Rain” video is a very emotional experience, and one the viewer will not soon forget.

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