Craymo – December Rain

Craymo reviewYou’ve seen Craymo on our site before. He’s an award-winning songwriter who is influenced by┬áDuran Duran, George Michael and The Beatles to name a few. Well, he has a new tune out and it’s called “December Rain (Carol Of Love)” and it’s dedicated to his mother who has recently passed away.

Craymo – December Rain

Craymo also focused the song on the old r&b style that his father enjoys. Sort of a double dedication. Funk and r&b is a specialty of mine, and Craymo is one of those musicians that I never doubt will come out with a quality project. He’s been around for quite a few years now and has won numerous awards, but I’m waiting for him to truly be recognized at a much higher level that he deserves.

“December Rain” is definitely in Craymo’s lane stylistically. The keyboards, in particular, are making the sound. I have a few issues with the drum mix but it’s not anything that would make or break the song. I think the kick is a little too hot and overall the kit could use some ambiance, especially the snare. Other than that little thing that MY ears hear, the song is fun to listen to and funky enough to get you moving around.

Another strong point for me is during the chorus when the extra layered vocals come in. The layering is full and makes the sound dive even deeper into the style. Speaking of vocals…there is one section of a pre-chorus that sounds like Craymo may be straining a bit, but the choruses are damn near perfect note to note. Let’s not forget about the song’s dedication and who it’s about. I do think it’s great that Craymo has decided to celebrate his mother’s life with music rather than drown in sorrow. Plus, it’s given the world a new song…

When talking about the song Craymo said, “This is my remake of my very first single and it is dedicated to my Dad, Robert Raymo, as he loves the old soul/R&B singers of the 50’s and 60’s and I wanted to do this for him. What a blast I had in the studio! This mix is for you Dad, Love You More.”

Craymo has been thru his share of life. I’m happy that he is continuing to come out with new music that is positive and inspiring. One thing that is missing from this pre-superstar is a full length album. I’ve been waiting for a few years to hear an entire full-length album from him. Singles are great…albums are better! My opinion!

I’m curious to see what YOU think of Craymo’s music, and take a browse of our earlier Craymo review. Feel free to get in touch with me or Craymo on social media. Let him know that you found his music here! As always thank you for reading and supporting indie music!

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