Craymo – Featured Artist

Craymo - Featured ArtistCraymo. Here at Indie Music Plus, we have grown to love his music. He is no spring chicken to the music industry and has been performing and writing almost his entire life. We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and promoting his music over the past couple of years. We have grown to like him so much that we decided to feature him!

Craymo – Featured Artist

Below you can catch the episode of Indie Music LIVE! where we had Craymo on the show. His in-person persona only enhances what I think of him as a musician. Great musicians are hard to come by and so are great people. Craymo fits both of those categories. His Latest single is about the loss of his mother. Check out the review here

In the Deeper With Dave segment, Craymo and Dave go down the road of what it means to be “Indie” and “Pop” at the same time. What is “Indie Pop?” Find out their thoughts by watching above! Craymo also speaks some heartfelt words on his song dedicated to his mother. He has had an interesting life of many artistic paths, and Dave goes deep back to the beginning of his career. Craymo goes into how he wants to give back through his music to help people get through both good and difficult times. This is fitting since his most popular single is “Be Myself” which we also reviewed here.

Craymo currently works for Disney and has been in the business for many years now, and he just might be one of the best pop artists that you’ve never heard of. One last note, Craymo currently won 2 back to back indie music awards for his music! I encourage you to connect with Craymo on social media and let him know what YOU think! Let him know you saw it here on Indie Music Plus first. As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music!

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