Craymo – Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) – Review

Craymo - Take It SlowCraymo is back. If you’ve been following the indie music scene closely the past couple decades, you’ve likely heard of him. He’s one of the hardest working indie pop musicians out there and has recently won some more awards to prove it! We’ve reviewed his music a few times here on the site and even had him as a featured artist. Craymo is an actor, songwriter and keeps on truckin’ with more hits every year!

Craymo – Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)

World renowned for his “Be Myself” single, which won him many indie awards across the globe, Craymo has another single out called “Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)”. I’m telling you right now, this is by far my favorite┬áCraymo single I’ve heard yet. After much anticipation I’m excited to show you Craymo’s new single.

Word on the street is that he’s going to release a video for this single in the near future. The last I knew he was recording it. Ok, so this tune shows growth relative to a mountain when it comes to Craymo’s production. He releases music rarely, but when he does it’s so worth the wait.

Again, this is my favorite Craymo tune so far. I remember years ago he came out with “Be Myself” and he’s always stuck out of the indie pop crowd to me. This latest release is KILLER on the production side of things. I’m not sure if it’s the producer or the budget or both, but Craymo has stepped up his game tremendously this round. I truly hope to hear a full-length album in the next year or two. Craymo has such an amazing story and a positive message that most can relate to.

One of the few critiques that I have about Craymo and his music is that his vocal range seems limited. I can relate to this as I struggle with this sort of thing myself. Now, I’m not looking for him to sing runs all over the place or anything but in the tunes I’ve heard, including this one, they seem to only touch the surface. There aren’t as many changes in the musical structure. Granted, that’s pop music! However, I feel like a bridge or even a change of chord structure in the choruses would really benefit Craymo’s music. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited about this new tune…I’m just feeling an extra twist to step outside the “pop” box a bit!

I’m a huge fan of Craymo’s music and I┬átruly think that you should check him out and see if you will be a fan too. If you get a chance to listen I’m curious to know what you think! Get in touch on social media and let me know. Also, let Craymo know that you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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