Damien Williams – Featured Artist

Damien Williams - Featured ArtistWe recently reviewed the music of Damien Williams here and he made such an impression on us that we just had to have him as a featured artist. Damien hails from Wales, UK. He describes his music as worldly and modern with some splashes of various genres for good measure. “Running Round Your Soul” was the single that got our attention and here we are.

Damien Williams – Featured Artist

Damien is a drummer by trade and has been playing for 25 years, but he has the ability to write amazing songs. He has released 3 EP’s now and his latest has the single “Running Round your Soul” which he’s promoting hard. Damien says he tries to project a happy and positive vibe with his music. Other than working on the original music, he plays regularly with a group called Between the Loops which is an acoustic duo.

Damien is an interesting and talented multi-instrumentalist that plays all of his parts when writing and recording his music. He’s working on a live show with this project. He says he can play all the tunes acoustically, but he’s wanting to start a band to back him up. Music is his main gig. He teaches drums as his “day job” and works on Between the Loops…and of course the Damien Williams music project as well. Damien says he’s writing a new album he’s hoping to release in July/August 2020. Luckily for him, when the time is right, he says he has a good group of musicians to choose from when he decides to make the final moves.

We encourage you to support Damien Wiliams’ music! We hope to have him back as a critic in the near future. Make sure to check out the full video of Indie Music LIVE! 193 to catch the full interview with Damien (who David refers to as the “Ewan McGregor of Indie Music”…and that’s a good thing!)

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