Damien Williams – Running Round Your Soul – Review

Damien Williams“Running Round Your Soul” by Damien Williams takes right off by jumping into the chorus vocals, “Can you feel this running round your soul.” As dark and heavy as the title would imply, the song is actually quite upbeat and washes over the listener with its dense electronic dance groove and atmospheric backing harmonies.

Damien Williams – Running Round Your Soul

The drumbeat is poppy with accents on the off beats, giving the groove an overall Latin or reggae feel and rhythmic meter that’s easy to dance and shake along to. Williams’ voice has a smooth warmth yet simultaneous bad-boy rasp at the most appropriate times throughout the song, adding tension by drawing out words like “feel” and “soul.” “Running Round Your Soul” is a happy and electrifyingly catchy song with an easy-going nature. There is a clean, crisp electric guitar chirping brightly in the background, similar to a Prince riff or something of the 80’s pop rock like. The lyrics in both verses offer an uplifting message about living life to the fullest.

Williams then adds a very effective pre-chorus after the first verse, which feels both clever and educated in regards to songwriting, arranging, and general timing within the song. There’s a funky rhythmic elision in the second pre-chorus when Williams sings, “No don’t get me mixed up,” — the rhythm and lyrics sort of trip over onto themselves, thus pushing the momentum of the dance beat into forward driving motion toward the arrival of the second chorus. A deep, sliding bass line ties the entire beat pattern together between the guitar, bass, and drums.

After an airy wash of vocal harmonies in second chorus, the beat drops out for an exciting breakdown of, “Can You Feel It,” repeated in a falsetto, along with hand claps and the chirpy Prince-pop guitar riff, and then the drums finally kick back in to finish out the dance groove underneath a quick guitar solo. Like a complete bookend, the beat slowly fades out until all that’s left for the listener is the chorus vocals heard in the very beginning. “Running Round Your Soul” is a feel good pop track that just about anyone can absorb, appreciate, and dance to.

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