Daniel Robinson – Featured Artist

Daniel RobinsonScottish born and raised, but now living in California, Daniel Robinson is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer and multi-instrumentalist. As this week’s featured artist, we picked Daniel because he truly offers something unique and engaging and his music is well deserving of a highlight through Indie Music Plus. He will speak to you with his smooth and soulful voice if you lend him your ears for a moment. It won’t take long to get drawn in.

Daniel Robinson – Little Birds

Dan has an interesting story about how he has come to be the musician he is today. Growing up in the church playing music, he says he has finally given himself permission to write and play songs other than just Christian songs. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s not a believer or that his songs aren’t influenced by that. It’s great that Dan has seen through and busted out of the “bubble” he had put himself in. He seems like a solid guy that is living his life by example.

With a new album titled Little Birds which is a personal album for Daniel, he allows us into his past, present, and future. If you’re into smooth pop and Indie Soul music with a versatile voice, then please take the time to check out Daniel Robinson. You can start by getting to know him by watching the video Indie Music LIVE! in this article.

In the Deeper With Dave segment, Dan opens up about how he lives and creates. He said, “I don’t feel like I’m my best self unless I’m creating.” He goes on to state that he tries to carve out time every day to create something new with music whether it’s learning a new cover or simply laying down a quick keyboard track on a new idea. Daniel Robinson is here now and not going anywhere in the near future so go ahead, take the jump, and listen to some of his music. You can find Daniel all over social media with the username @DanRobinson30. As always, thank you for reading and supporting indie music!

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