Dark Avenue – Seasons Change

Dark Avenue - Seasons ChangeWithin the opening riff of the new EP by the Texas based band Dark Avenue, I was hooked. According to their bio, the song and album title “Seasons Change” was written and recorded in a matter of hours as a demo. That is the chemistry that set forth by the band Dark Avenue. Based in Dallas, Texas, they have had the pleasure of playing Texas Rockfest during the South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival right out of the gate.

Initial impressions of the band’s music for me is hard rock/metal reminiscent of Tool and Perfect Circle with some Pearl Jam and STP thrown in for good measure. Of course, I always hate to offer up a box to put the music in right away. I do feel though like it’s good to compare so that readers can understand right away if they would like the music or not.

Dark Avenue – Seasons Change

The title track starts off the EP perfectly with a heavy riff that flows flawlessly into the vocals of Mario Cadena. Right away it is noticeable that Mario can really sing! In the recent days of screamo and heavy music getting downright crazy, it’s nice to have a real vocalist to listen to.

The song “In Memory Of Me” continues this too short EP. In their bio on their website it says they are veterans of the Dallas scene and that really shows in this tune in particular. I personally think this tune is radio ready out of the box. I could hear it fitting in nicely with current rock and metal on the radio today. The production is slick but the rawness of the band stands out with heavy drum and guitar influence in the mix.

One of the things I really like about this group is their lyrics. The weird thing is I never listen to lyrics…well I tend not to let’s say! I’m a music junkie, groove is my thing. Seriously though, Mario’s lyrics are written well and the listener can always understand what he is talking about. The lyrics are deep, soul searching and honest. “Another Day” is a prime example of what I’m talking about. The chorus catches me every time and puts me in the mood to listen to A Perfect Circle. In fact, that’s probably the only part of the album that reminds me of APC. But it is a highlight of this EP, and I absolutely dig it!

Speaking of amazing lyrics the tune “Sober” takes the show for me. Let me divert, I keep speaking about the lyrics but the music is amazing as well! The mix is consistent throughout with blazing guitars and heavy drums that will make your heart explode!!

Remember I mentioned the whole veteran thing earlier? Yea, these guys sound like they’ve been doing this a while and have defined a sound that is completely their own. If you have Spotify hopefully you already clicked the player above!

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