Daryl Ball – Another Man – Review

Daryl BallDaryl Ball is an accomplished musician hailing from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, with a gritty perseverance to explore multitudes of artistic genres throughout his career. Having been a part of the 1998-formed power pop quartet, Stripped, as well as the 2010 Celtic folk quintet, Bateleurs, Daryl Ball is now stepping into his own solo pop rock project as of this year. Ball’s debut solo single release, “Another Man,” shines light on the more relaxing side of his creativity while maintaining directly reflective artistry.

Daryl Ball – Another Man

“Another Man” begins with a rock steady drumbeat to set the mood, followed by a dreamy piano part whose chord progression closely resembles “Isolation” by John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band. The track offers a full sound without the need for a bass part, using only piano, drums, guitar, and vocals. Ball remains aware of adding fresh new information as the song continues, such as the guitar arpeggios in the second verse and the tambourine in the second chorus.

Each chorus makes a nice contrast to the verses by modulating to the relative minor, adding backing harmonies in the second and third choruses to create an effective lyrical echo. A well-placed and tastefully mellow guitar solo happens between the second and third choruses, reiterating the message Ball has been singing up until that point.

Overall, Daryl Ball has a nice way of using the electric guitar in a song without it needing to be the center of attention, as most other guitar players want to do. Really the stars of the show in this track are the piano and the vocals. Ball uses lyrics that kindly and gently reflect a message of love that is lost and cannot be rekindled by any amount of foolish manipulation: “You say that you could change my mind… If you could look into my thoughts, or even feel my sense of loss, you’d know that I’m already gone.” The very end of “Another Man” is accented by a nice long hold out of the refrain, leaving an extra bit of tension and resolve to drive that heart-wrenching feeling home to the listener.

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