Daryl Ball – Searching For Shore – Review

Daryl Ball - Searching For ShoreDaryl Ball is a well known singer/songwriter in Ireland with his band Stripped. We’ve reviewed both of them on the website in the past. Daryl has released some new music and we’re highlighting his new single “Searching For Shore”. I’ve had a few listens and formed my best unbiased opinion that I am going to share with you.

Daryl Ball – Searching For Shore

Before we dig in, let me remind you that I’ve enjoyed getting submissions from Daryl over the years and I generally enjoy his music. His new single is no exception but I’m having some issues with the sonic quality on this one. Let’s just say it’s a very good song that I think needs some revisiting in the studio. If you’re an Irish music fan and also partial to the mandolin, then you may have found your new favorite artist. Have a listen and let’s go deeper into this…

I get it, indie musicians are often on an extremely tight budget and that makes it hard to record super high quality sometimes. This is of course a very common story with the majority of submissions at Indie Music PLUS, and while the reader may be surprised the artist is usually aware and just trying to get a solid version out of the new song that can be remixed later.

The specific elements I’d take a second look at here in the mix are:

• The kick drum track needs some compression. It has a windy “pop” that cuts thru the mix, similar to what you may hear on vocal tracks without a pop filter. With compression here, some needed warmth will be brought out from the bass and low end.

• The mandolin level is a notch high in my opinion. Its trebley nature also removes warmth, and detracts from the vocals which are performed very well and should have more focus.

Like I mentioned before the song itself is actually really good. The band is great and there are no rhythm or harmony issues. I want to know what YOU think about the music of Daryl Ball! Get in touch on social media and let me know! Also, make sure to let Daryl know that you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the globe!

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