Death By Platypi – So Cerebral

Death By Platypi ReviewDeath By Platypi. Lo-fi experimental rock. If you’re into Top 40 boy bands this is probably not the music for you! You see, Drew “GoGo” Gomez is coming straight out of left field with his music and it keeps getting better and more intriguing. We have reviewed the band before here if you want to check out what I had to say about their last project.

Death By Platypi – So Cerebral

This is the bands 5th album and they’re based in Durham, NC. Their bio doesn’t totally make sense to me, however, that sort of explains the music. Weird, ha! I want to make it clear that I don’t mean weird as in bad. It’s different. I think the best part about the new project So Cerebral is that the music is jiving and gelling much better. It sounds more like songs that have been structured to make more cohesive music. If you remember I was a little turned off by the nature of the experiment last time around. It was hard to listen to in some spots due to instruments not being in the slightest time or tune with each other.

I’m enthralled to say that these core elements have been fixed for me with this project! Is the band ready for primetime? Or, better yet, is primetime ready for the band? Well, probably not but I , for one, enjoy this new music very much. They still have a “lo-fi” sound but the tunes and musicianship has been tightened up a bit to make it more listenable.

“St. Vitus” is an excellent example of how the band is keeping its experimental sound but, in my opinion, writing better songs overall. This album is making me take a second look at Death By Platypi let me tell you! Developing a signature sound can be quite a process…

Songs such as “Genealogy” are super weird sounding, but Drew “GoGo” Gomez is managing to define his own style within the madness. Some of the music is just downright eerie and hard to wrap your mind around but there ARE some good tunes on this record! I’m also enjoying the little mini tracks between songs, it really adds to the spacey atmosphere the band creates.

One surprise is the “Lithium Instrumental” Nirvana cover song. It’s definitely something I wasn’t expecting but it’s quite enjoyable, almost like an elevator version of the classic grunge tune. “Grey Matter” and “Scratched By The Thing” are the other two tunes that really stick out to me. For some reason, and this isn’t a bad thing as it’s just how it is, but Death By Platypi’s music makes me feel like I’m in a space capsule and I’m slowly floating out into the ether. Take that as you will. I’m glad that the group is making their own lane and widening it with their experimental music every release.

I’m curious to know what you think. Get in touch with me or the band on social media and let them know you heard their music right here! As always, thank you for reading and supporting indie music!

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