Death By Platypi – Review

Death By PlatypiDeath By Platypi…a pretty common tragedy of humanity, right? Well, hold that thought to get a feel for the band story and music you are about to hear.

In 1997 the Cleveland, OH based band “Friendly Platypus” began a state-wide tour. The tour ended down under (in Cincinnati, OH) where lead vocalist Chip Oatley died from a lethal dose of platypus venom straight to the jugular (See song Platypus Stings Man Dead) while visiting a friend at a venue named “The Platypi Den”. Later that year, the remaining members: Drewcifer Gomez (bass) and Steve O‘strum (drums) formed the band “Death by Platypi”(DBP) to honor their fallen leader. They channel the spirit of Chip to provide lead guitar and vocals to their tracks. Currently, The third member of the band is Chip’s Ghost (Lead guitar and vocals).

The band is Death By Platypi and the summary above was written by them. They’re making unusual lo-fi music that some will turn off instantly while others will see their humor and latch onto it. Please, keep your mind open before you make any rash decisions. The band’s music is an uncommon form of artistic expression and they know it, that’s the real story here. “Lo-fi” is the key term here. Every time I listen to the DPB, I’m a bit worried I may be abducted by aliens!

If you can get past the lo-fi-ness of the tunes and can get into the music it’s very interesting. At first listen the band’s tunes don’t sound like much I’ll admit. But, if you listen a little deeper there are some hidden gems and some cool sounds to take in…

Make Music – Death By Platypi

Death By Platypi aren’t setting out to make top 40 pop songs. And that’s ok. Their music could also be deemed a form of Experimental Rock. The tune “Make Music” starts out with a hooky bass line and then directly goes into a story. If anything, this band doesn’t write within the box! “Make Music” is actually pretty catchy after a few listens. When I started this review I had to take a few listens to truly grasp what these guys are doing. There aren’t a whole lot of melodies going on but DBP is producing some interesting stuff.

Contact With Planet X

And, here’s another strange one! DPB is truly a unique band with a completely different outlook on music than most other bands. As a listener, I have to separate myself from my standard view of music and listen with an open mind. I suggest you give the band a few listens as well to get a better idea of what they are doing. There are no hooks, not much melody and the music is very lo-fi which is what the band is admittedly going for. Due to the unique nature of their music, I have had a difficult time coming up with words to adequately describe their art. I’m guessing because of the garage quality and the avant-garde style most listeners won’t stay very long. However, those that are into this style of a Tortoise-esque genre, then by all means listen up!

Geophagia Major Depression And The Like

If anyone remembers the band Tortoise (who is still around) that is the attitude I get from DPB. Remember, listen to this band with an open mind as if you’re attending an underground art exhibit. Don’t automatically write them off because after a few listens you will see their approach and maybe appreciate it for what it is. Art. Actually, we had a discussion on a recent Indie Musician’s Roundtable about the band DPB. The panel was discussing art and music, and art vs. music. DPB’s music sparked quite the conversation! As always thank you for reading the reviews on Indie Music Plus and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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