Desmond Parson – Featured Artist

Desmond ParsonDesmond Parson is our featured artist this week and let me say, he is a super nice dude. If you listen to his music for just a few seconds, you will hear his influences right away. The most obvious influence is Stevie Wonder and that’s not a problem. Desmond says his first instrument was a coffee table at the age of four where he would emulate Stevie and some of his other favorite artists, and from there it grew into a Casio keyboard. Now at the age of 44 he’s a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer…and he’s got plenty of time.

Desmond Parson – Featured Artist

If you’re into Stevie or that neo-soul/RnB, vibe then you need to go deeper with Desmond. He’s got the “whole package” as they say. He’s a natural talent. I don’t use the word “talent” lightly either. In the early years Desmond says when he first heard Stevie Wonder’s music he was around the age of 3 or 4. His grandmother would play many different artists, but when it came to Stevie he heard something that continued to touched him for his entire life.

Desmond says there were three people that influenced him when he was a kid: Stevie Wonder, Superman, and Popeye! He says he would carve out some melodies as a kid and with the help of an uncle was able to develop a passion for playing piano and the interest grew from there. That same uncle that introduced him to the piano also introduced him to another huge influence, Earth, Wind & Fire. Whatever his influences, if you’re into RnB, Soul and the like then you need to check out Desmond Parson!

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