Diamonds & Whiskey – Featured Artist

Diamonds & WhiskeyDiamonds & Whiskey is a group from Charlotte, NC, that plays a mix of country and rock. The musicians themselves come from all sorts of different locations including Siberia. Yup, Siberia. We got to chat with the leader of the group Jen on Indie Music LIVE! and she says because of the group’s diverse backgrounds they tend to “cross-pollinate” well with different types of music.

Diamonds & Whiskey – Featured Artist

Even though the band sort of identifies on the country music side, there’s also huge similarities to acts like Heart and other female fronted rock bands from the ’70s. Jen says they get that all the time and people call them the “Country Heart.” If it fits, right? The band has only been together for a few years but with they way they sound it apparently gelled FAST. Jen says this is her first real run at a band, but the other players in the band are seasoned live performers. She was originally trained to sing opera…go figure! Maybe that’s what separates them from the other country singers…she’s actually trained! Now I hear it! David says it sounds like her range is limitless. Jen also says most of her vocal tracks are one take!

She says in the future her summer is booked. She’s opening for many national acts and all over the east coast. She names a ton of stuff the band is planning on doing this year and honestly I couldn’t keep up with her so make sure to watch the video above lol. Make sure you check out the band and their music and if the summer allows, go see them live!

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