Dizzy Ninja – Review

Dizzy NinjaIf you ever wondered what happened to Jay-Z, look no further. Dizzy Ninja has got all the answers you are looking for. Well, at least the ones you came up with when you were smoking weed last night. Dizzy’s music is full of weed-fueled philosophy backed up by a throwback production style of the 80s and early 90s. If I had to coin a term for his style, I’d call it “hip-hop for hipsters.” Or how about “Hipster-hop?”

Dizzy Ninja

Dizzy Ninja is a rapper out of Denison, Texas. I can honestly say he’s the first rapper I have heard from Denison and by far the best. Ok all jokes aside, listening to Dizzy Ninja is like taking a ride back in time. It reminds me of me in high school, rolling around in my 1985 Honda Accord listening to The Dayton Family thinking I was the coolest thing since frozen pizza. Dizzy’s style is very reminiscent of Too Short on tracks like “Nice Try” and “This Time Around”.

While not quite as dirty as The Short Wonder, Dizzy for sure seems to be heavily influenced by hip-hop pre 1995. If you miss the golden era of hip-hop, then Dizzy might just be your man. His production style is simple and has a lo-fi element, but it seems to perfectly match his delivery and his message.

Just when you start to pigeon-hole his style, he will break into a sing-song style that sounds like Nelly and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony dueling it out in a high school bathroom right before they got caught smoking weed.

On tracks like “Believe” and “Coalition”, he stretches his singing chops which adds a nice melodic element to the mix. My favorite track has got to be his song “Cupcakin’”. In this tune, Dizzy talks about one of the biggest problem plaguing our world right now – everybody on their phones all the time! And it’s not just the kids either. I see just as many grandmas and grandpas trying to figure out their Facetime App while making their next move on Words With Friends. It applies to all of us and Dizzy nails it by calling the act of staring at your screen all day “cupcakin’”. I’m assuming that is because you are hunched over your screen in the shape of a cupcake, although I would love to hear the Ninja himself explain how he came up with that term. Regardless of it’s meaning, the song has a great sing-a-long chorus that will have you giggling and bobbing along at the same time. It also made me crave cupcakes a little!

Dizzy seems to have quite a few fans on Soundcloud with a lot of great comments. It shows his throwback style still has plenty of fans in the world. As hip-hop evolves and delivers more mumble verses than listenable 16 bars, it’s nice to hear someone holding down the style so many of us grew up on. Don’t change a thing Dizzy. Golden Era Hip-hop Lives!

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