DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R – Legend of Never – Review

DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R - Legend of NeverA mystery man whose face has never been publicly revealed, DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R boasts ten commercial releases within their 39 years on this planet. DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R is best at electronically articulating feelings of paranoia, mental strife, reckless partying, and dealing with substance abuse. Their new highly anticipated trap album, Legend of Never, recently released on April 15, is a REDRUM-shining example of this personal creed.

DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R – Legend of Never

The fourth track on the album, “Don’t Let Me Go,” begins with a sequence of electrified vocals accompanied by an ominous synthesized pulse in the background. Vamping and morphing into a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of sounds and textures, the vocals finally open up with a chant of “Everybody” under an eerie and haunting electronic effect. DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R doesn’t write actual melodies, but rather stuttered and sequenced prerecorded vocal samples edited over a gridded matrix of electronic horns, fuzzed out bass drops, and hip-hop shout-outs. What starts as a disgruntled jigsaw puzzle of noise eventually finds its way into a synchronized club dance beat on acid. At the end of the song you feel like you’re not sure what you just experienced, but you find yourself dancing to the beat and it makes you curious enough to listen to it again.

“No Fuck’s Given” features deep, heavily bellowed vocals with a static-y glitch interrupting its waves. The way the effects are set on the vocals creates an intensely supernatural or otherworldly vibe, as if hearing an electronic transmission from an alien civilization or as if a ghost were interrupting a radio frequency. While the vocals are chaotic and spasmatic, there’s an underlying hip-hop beat that gives steadiness and structure to a soundscape that otherwise sounds like the inside of a hip-hop haunted mansion. Each time you get lost in the mix, a new sample or sound is introduced that startles your ear back to attention, until the final “Feel this, preach this, to the sky, feel that vibe” mantra shines out at the end and then dissipates into a pixelated void.

Like a blend between house, trap, trance, hip-hop, and horror music, “Say My Name” is a super-computerized nightmare that gets the listener hyped up. Flooding your ear drums with arpeggiated synths and buzzy, warbled vocal timbres, this is not your average pop music, but more like a haunting EDM trance. Right after the bass finally drops toward the end, a glottal synth texture opens up to a higher register, adding a hue of brightness that elevates this song into party status.

DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R’s new album “Legend of Never” is not just random splatters of noise, but rather it’s trap music that takes the listener on an intricate journey through space and time, using sonic waves to create a futuristically industrial vision of the world around us.

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