DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R – Review

DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3RIt makes me feel happy to know that musical quality is alive and well in hip-hop. Ok, first of all, DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R is way to hard to type repeatedly, so let’s call this artist Justin. Actually, Justin is his real name and he makes a combination of EDM and hip-hop. His beats hark back to the boom-bap era of the 90’s while including a lot of cinematic production. His tracks are full of energy and emotion. Add to that the excellent MCs he has on the rhymes, and you really have something special.


Since DJ R3V…I mean, Justin likes to remain mysterious, I couldn’t decipher whether he did the vocals as well or just was the producer behind the beats and the other production. It sounds like he has a few different MCs throwing down on his beats. His approach reminds me a lot of Handsome Boy Modeling School. Remember those guys? No? Not a lot of people do, but they were super dope. Justin has a lot of the same magic going here.

“Lights Camera Action” is full of TV/Movie clips. A production trick that was big in the ’90s and I still love. I think this definitely showcases his DJ roots as you can picture him in the back of the stage, suffocated in smoke and digging through crates for the perfect record with the perfect sample. And how did they get the guy from Aqua to rap on this tune? Ok, it’s probably not the same guy, but his delivery sounds a lot like Ken from “Barbie Girl.” Either way, the MCs on this track are legit. Each has a very unique delivery. Well thought out lyrics and syllable use that is on point.

On “Stay Woke”, Justin’s beat has a very dark atmospheric quality, which matches the ruff delivery of the rappers. The intensity of the track makes you really want to pay attention to what is being said and also makes you take a deep breath once it is over. The track is full of tension that never gives up for its entirety of 3:23.

My favorite track has to be “Bite Farts”. Another nightmarish track, making you feel like mischief is peeking around the corner. I’m pretty sure this track is about something gross even though I’m not sure what it is. The performances are dope and Justin delivers with a beat that keeps you on edge throughout. I could definitely spend some time with this music to really absorb all of it. And that is what it would probably take as a lot of the lyrical genius gets spit out pretty fast.

I loved Handsome Boy Modeling School and I really love Justin’s music too. It’s full of interesting production and talented MCs. Can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. Even though searching his name on Google is a nightmare, once you hear the music, it makes typing DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R totally worth it!

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