DJ Straxger – The New Old School – Review

DJ StraxgerDJ Straxger is like a blast from the past, but from the future. Making his own vintage vinyl beats gives him a unique sound not heard lately due to the adoption of the digital recording age. From his bio:

DJ Straxger has been rapping since 2005 and producing and DJing since 2008. Straxger uses the MPC Renaissance (that he calls the Funk Blaster) and MPK49 to produce his beats and pulls all of his samples directly off of records. Sometimes you can even hear the record popping in his music.

That’s what I’m talking about!  In college (in the late ’90s) that’s what all my friends were doing. Making bad ass beats with vintage vinyl, it’s really the best way to make a beat. Now, before we get started I want make one disclaimer for myself and myself only: I am not a big fan of some of DJ Straxger’s lyrics regarding women. I love rap but I get uncomfortable with the way some rappers talk about women, I always have.  I am also not a fan of censorship.  This is America and the thing that makes us wonderful is our diversity and freedom of speech, expression and opinion.  There, I feel better lol…let’s get to the music!

Now, like I said before, the music is hot.  DJ Straxger has also has some great flows and hooks splattered all over this album as well. I really enjoy his take on the vinyl beats.  I checked out some videos of him live and he can back up his skills for sure. His music is like a blast from the past but there is a new element to it as well. DJ Straxger has a unique delivery style that is truly his own. His rhymes remind me of groups like Beastie Boys.  Old school, but ooooo so cool.The hooks in “Clanton Psycho” are catchy throughout and on the chorus he really shines.

A couple other tunes that show off the beat making skills of DJ Straxger are “Good Night,” “Fire Up This Funk,” and “The Rocc Says.” I could tell right away when I received his submission that he was a hard worker. He has his image together and it looks like he knows exactly where he is going in the future. Another thing that really shines in the music of DJ Straxger is his ability to “form” a song. His arrangements are quite nice in many songs including “Harsh Realities,” “Fame & Riches,” & “BAM.” So, if you like old school hip hop similar to 2 Live Crew, House Of Pain & Gucci Crew you’re going to love DJ Straxger!!

Straxger has years to mature and morph into a great hip hop artist. He is very active on social media so get in touch with him and let him know that you like his music!  Watch his video below and download his new project “One Man Band” now available on #iTunes and everywhere else digital music can be downloaded!


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